My Path.


I have wondered about the body and healing most of my life.  Growing up in my father’s doctor’s office, it always felt like his gift for conversation and he’s staffs ability to make the office welcoming, were an integral part of the patients visit, and healing process.

Over the last 13 years, I have been through some of the most profound and life changing experiences.  Losing 90ibs (just by learning how to eat and move), healing from heavy periods (just by realizing what tools (food, herbs, meditation, wellness therapies,etc.) feed and nurtured different aspects of my unique body), and continuing this beautiful unraveling of my own spirit in a way that surpasses mental understanding.

By title, I am women's health and wellness consultant, fertility doula, as well as a licensed therapeutic bodyworker (trained in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, thai, pre/post- natal, hot/cold stone, thai reflexology, cranial sacral etc.)and Arvigo Manual therapy practitioner. I have been training in the practice of energy and earth based medicines from a variety of traditions for the last 13 years (Mayan, Peruvian (mesa carrier/practitioner), Yoruba, Cherokee, East Asian etc.) and consider myself a steward of these practices.  This path has healed and protected me in more ways than I can share here.  It’s also given me the ability to share my humble opinions at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Children’s National Medical Center. 

I also consider myself a plant lady as my home is surrounded with plants and through the many traditions I've worked with, herbs have often been an integral part in the healing process. I use a variety of herbs in the healing work I do, and believe that this Earth has so much to offer if we are seeking to rebalance.