Online Energy Consult

45 MINUTES $90• 75 Minutes $120

In this session we will discuss what’s coming up in your world, and how that is being caused by and effecting the energy in your field. There is an initial intake that includes your birthday and other pertinent information which will help us to go deeper into making the map of what’s happening in you world, and how we can shift or uplevel things going forward!

East Meets West Massage/Bodywork

90 MINUTES $165 • 120 MINUTES $200

Therapeutic massage combining eastern and western techniques of body work dependent on the needs of the client. Modalities include: Acupressure/Reflexology, Energy healing, Toksen (Thai hammering), Cupping (suction), etc.  There will be an initial 15 minute consult about desired results or focus and the rest of the time will be spent doing therapeutic bodywork.

Arvigo Manual Therapy

initial consultation - 90 MINUTES $185 

In the initial consultation we will go over the intake which was filled out online and speak to some of the past and present health history which could be effecting your body in the present. After the consult, Arvigo techniques used to bring balance and healing to the abdominal and reproductive organs are applied to the anterior and posterior portions of the body, followed by castor oil pack application, and any other supportive techniques.  After the session, the client is taught the special self care in order to continue creating the benefits of this work while at home.


In this session, we will do a check in just to make sure you are on the right track with your self-care and see what is going on with your body, after which we will apply a castor oil pack and do the arvigo manual therapy techniques to both sides of the body.


Vaginal Steam

30 MINUTES- Add on $30 

Vaginal steams are a great and gentle cleansing and opening resource for the feminine space.  You will have about 30 minutes to relax and sit with a special herbal blend.

Vaginal steaming is an ancient modality practiced all over the world. It has been known by women throughout history to:

  • Significantly reduce discomfort, bloating and exhaustion associated with monthly cycles

  • Decrease menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses

  • Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles

  • Increase fertility, especially when combined with Mayan abdominal massage

  • Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth

  • Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness and uterine prolapse

  • Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids

  • Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and maintain healthy odor

  • Relieve symptoms of menopause


Therapeutic Massage

60 MINUTES $110•75 MINUTES $145•90 MINUTES $165

Massage Therapy improves circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. There are times when a massage therapist may use their forearms, elbows and even feet. The techniques for massage range from light stroking to deep pressure. Please be open with your therapist about appropriate pressure, areas you prefer not to be touched, injuries or sensitivities.


Deep Tissue/Sports Focused Massage

60 MINUTES $110 • 90 MINUTES $165

Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body. This type of massage is extremely beneficial because it reaches the deepest layer of muscles, fascia (connective tissue surrounding the joints) and tendons. The goal in deep tissue massage is to breakdown adhesions (tense areas within the muscle). Adhesions in the muscle are very important to address because they cause pain, inflammation and limit motion of the muscles and joints. 



60 MINUTES $100 • 90 MINUTES $145

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that is safe for all people.  It is a healing that can be hands off or involve light pressure.  Overlapping data from some of the more scientifically valid studies on Reiki suggest that this complementary therapy may play some role in reducing anxiety and pain, inducing relaxation, improving fatigue and helping relieve the symptoms of depression


Energy Clearing

60 MINUTES $100 • 90 MINUTES $145

This clearing can include energetic work on the body, spiritual bathing, use of herbs and other work to help facilitate the body and mind in clearing what is needed.  The most important aspect of any healing work is the client.  You have the greatest ability to effect change in your body.


Thai Reflexology

60 MINUTES $100 

Thai foot reflexology is said to be a marriage between reflexology, Chinese Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu, and Indian Ayurvedic yoga. It works on the feet, lower leg, and knees, freeing up blocked energy in the body’s Thai-based meridians to create a feeling of deep relaxation, balance, and well-being.



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