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 The path to healing has been a passion for so many years.  The deeper you go the more you realize there is to uncover.  My objective is to share with you what I know from the last 12 years humbly immersed in the discovery of the human body and what creates optimal "flow" for each of us. If you are in the DC area, feel free to contact me or my place of business to schedule an appointment!


Upcoming Events


women's circle-awakening the wise woman


Join us in creating sacred space.

Reiki III
october 5th-6th AND 20TH-21ST

Reiki III/Mastership Training at Thrive Yoga, Rockville, MD.

June 2018


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Whole Woman Wisdom



Whole Woman Wisdom ( is now creating content!  The hope is to provide insights for every woman, from people who are passionate about the healing of the feminine on the planet.

I'm very excited about the projection of this project as it's been my passion over the last few years to recall what my own connection to the feminine is, and how aligning both my masculine and feminine aspects brings about the greatest and most profound healing.