Ashley is a true healer. Over the years we’ve done a mixture of therapeutic massage and energy work; it’s not overstating to say that our work together has changed my life. Ashley’s holistic approach to treatment—combined with her insight, kindness, and incredible power— has meant leaving each treatment feeling not only relief from physical discomfort, but also feeling known/seen and more firmly rooted in my own self-knowledge. I truly can’t recommend Ashley enough!
— Chrissy W., Washington, DC
I started seeing Ashley while going through a terrible flare-up of widespread chronic pain and muscle spasms over a year ago. Ashley helped to relieve my pain and is proof that massage therapy is an incredible medicine. She is a gifted therapist and I am blessed to be one of her clients. I recommend Ashley to all of my friends and family. Her healing energy sticks with me long after each session.
— Mindy B., Washington, DC

Ashley has been my massage therapist for over a year now. I’ve also recently started seeing her for regular Arvigo abdominal treatment. For each of these many sessions, Ashley has been present and receptive, asking what I want to work on and patient with my at times uncertain, nervous energy. And I’ve left each session feeling not just more relaxed, but more aligned and in tune with myself. In short, Ashley has a gift; thankfully she chooses to share it with those of us fortunate enough to receive her treatment.
— Jen B., Washington, DC

Ashley is a master massage therapist. I have a bad back and often go to her when I am in severe pain. Without me even telling her what’s wrong, she is able to discern exactly what’s causing me pain and how to make it better. Ashley is an incredibly generous person, gifted at what she does, and puts her all in her work. She has, over the 4 years I’ve been seeing her, saved me from a lot of pain and sleepless nights. I highly recommend her.