THE VIBE 2019*

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2019 has started with a bang!  As we dig ourselves out of the ashes of January and into the new potential that February is bringing forth, some maybe wondering if this is 2017 all over again. Completely understandable, but not to worry, there is a lot of potential beauty and significant chances for major gains throughout the year IF we utilize the energy of this time to release outdated inner programming. Over the last few years, we have done a lot of work on ourselves (sometimes by force), and now we have the opportunity to capitalize on these skills and elevate into manifesting our desires in a much more substantial way. If used properly, this time has the ability to catapult many of us into lives we never expected. 


THE VIBE: 2019 is a 12/3 year numerologically ( 2+0+1+9= 12, 1+2=3, 12/3), which means it is a time of expansion and creation on high levels.  The 12, speaks to a period of finding balance (2) through self (1).  This self can mean you as an individual or a country.  Spelled out, this is the potential of expansion and new creation (3) through balance(2) of self (1). It is a time that encourages the release of old or antiquated systems so that we can give birth to a path more in alignment with our desires. 

The next 2-4 months will be a time of marked revisions.  I encourage people to really spend more time tuning into themselves if dilemmas or frustrations come up in their daily lives.(Finding more moments of stillness or awareness if you are a meditator or into that sort of thing, is highly suggested.) Don’t get stuck in a present you don’t desire because your mind keeps going to the past for guidance and coming back with confusion.

12/3 : Expansion and Creation through the balance of Self.

As with most major change, it may not come without its share of discomfort. January was a punch in the face for many of us, bringing up discomfort and questioning the current systems we have in place. Some of us are uncovering dysfunction that was planted long before we were consciously aware. In America, you can also see the energy of this time playing out in politics and with a lot of the questioning and restructuring we are having as a whole. You will see this continue as many find more creative ways for change by releasing what doesn’t serve and others struggle with their desire to keep their outdated and controlled norms.

I have many clients coming to me who say, “I just don’t know how I’m going to get________.” My answer to them, gently, is, “Great!”  Your old mind will not know how to get the things your heart desires.  It never has (which is why you don’t have it). You’ve just been tricked into believing that xy and z will get you there, through your subconscious mind or supportive ‘gurus’ in the regular world. Honestly, if all of these ‘7 steps to a happier healthier you’, really worked for everyone, we’d have millions of happier and healthier people in the world. (Note: I’m not bashings these books and articles, I love them. Don’t give up on what’s working for you, but recognize real healing is an inner game. It’s individual and only you can do the work.)

You are ending a paradigm, there is no way for you to “know” your way into the next space.  Many of you are being asked to let an age-old inner script rewrite itself. I say this because, it will take you getting out of your own way, and allowing your spirit to come forth with its advanced inner technology, to get the things some of you have been waiting your whole lives to achieve.


 There is an understanding you gleaned from this life  (and possibly many others, ancestrally) that has led you to create certain beliefs about your power, mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It has even painted your world view.  In order for you to acquire the true dream of your heart, (especially if it is in connection with a romantic partnership or any sort of work that involves another person, which in this life, what doesn’t?), you must be willing to let go of the idea that you have all the answers. Simply Put : STOP, trying to think your way into the next perfect situation. You can’t create something new with old programming.

As I’m saying this, I hear people asking, “So Ashley, should I do something? Light a candle, make an offering, spin around 5 times? ” and I say to you, there you go again, Stop thinking!  Give yourself time.  Feel into everyday experiences, let your heart be your guide, and be supported by the highest power, and before you say, “Well, I tried that yesterday Ashley, and I don’t think that’s how I’m going to get what....” There you go thinking again!  Stop! 

This is a time for massive inner growth. 

We are awakening, slowly.  In this process of finding our voice, at first it can feel like a supreme amount of stumbling (Hello, January) but like riding a bike, it will all balance out as you adjust and find your flow. At this time, it may feel as if you are moving too slowly or perhaps backwards. It can also fill you with questions on where you are and what you’re doing without any workable solution. Breathe. You are simply realigning your inner world.

Let your spirit be the guide (because it’s being guided by something much more powerful than you), open your heart, be willing to take a risk, and above all else, get out of your own way.

Deeper Dive:


Winter is the time of shedding and releasing to make space for new life that emerges in Spring. As this season comes to its end, what are you ready to let go of that holds space in your life but brings no benefit or energy? What concepts and control systems have kept you stuck? What are you making space for in the coming months? Spend some time asking yourself these questions.

What would it feel like to be a person who has released the baggage of your outdated mind and refocused on creating the life of your dreams?

Allow your body to feel what that energy would be like, and make space for this becoming.

What would it feel like to be a person who has released the baggage of your outdated mind and refocused on creating the life of your dreams?
Ashley Greenfield